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 Annual Conference of the Curriculum and Educational Research was established in 1981 as a professional organization.
 Educational assessment, educational materials for improving the development and publication of the Curriculum Research and Education Institute for Education and Research for the development of operational and training magazine [Educational Development] is published and operated by the scholarship program.
 Evaluation of education, assessment tools developed and junior high school textbooks and learning materials, as well as research and development, publication and dissemination of materials to support education through the school.
 And Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation, Korea Educational Development Institute, National Institute of International Education and Educational Research institutions, in cooperation with relevant organizations to improve learning for basic academic publications, such as Korean learning materials through publication and dissemination of national education has been to contribute to the effort.
 For the future, we research the more specialized training and development of educational materials and textbooks, publishing, korean culture and education, Korean language, developing educational materials, as well as the publication of national education and research institutions
and cooperative programs, international academic exchange and international publications further promoting, The Korea's leading professional education and research institutions will try to get more and more grown up.

                                                                                                                                              President, Park . Y . J

▶ Interests Fields

1) Educational Research : Curriculum, Research and Education Cooperation
   - Elementary and Secondary Education Curriculum and Evaluation
   - Elementary, middle, and textbooks (textbooks, learning materials) research
   - The basis of academic guidance and learning materials
   - Elementary and middle school assessment and diagnostic tools, research

2) R &D contents : textbooks, learning & educational content research and development
   - Elementary, middle, high school textbooks, and research and development services authorized books
   - Learning Materials for the Improvement of Education Research and Development
   - Research and development of educational content in each subject

3) TOPIK / Korean : Korean Studies teaching and learning materials
   - Korean Proficiency Test (TOPIK), Korean Education and Research
   - TOPIK, Korean dissemination and educational consulting
   - Korean educational content, learning and development

4) Oversea Exchange / Copyright : Copyrights, international exchanges and cooperation
   - Copyright Administration and the agent
   - Oversea academic exchange, international publishing
   - Korean Educational & cultural institutions, international schools support and cooperation

5) Publishing Services : Education Publishing & Research Services
   - Educational Research Service
   - Publication & dissemination of educational institutions intruder Agencies
   - Instructional Materials, Learning Materials research and publication services
   - Educational Research Service of the publishing and production
   - Publishing services and other services.

▶ Research Materials & Publishing

   - Elementary and junior high school textbooks
   - Introduction to Elementary Instructional Materials & workbooks
   - Infant Learning & teaching workbooks
   - Improve basic academic learning materials & workbooks
   - materials & workbooks for learning basic academic compensation
   - Supplementary learning materials and improve their abilities in each subject
   - Multicultural student's language learning materials
   - Diagnostic assessment of basic academic tools
   - Medical education, biomedical evaluation
   - Supplement for middle school learning
   - Elementary learning curriculum supplement
   - Korean learning & study materials
   - preparation materials for TOPIK(test of proficiency in korean) & other tests
   - Elementary and middle school teaching and learning instructional materials
   - Teachers Book Paper

   - Education and Research magazine, [Promoting Education]

▶ contact us

   Institute for Research on Better Education

   30-5, worldcupro, mapogu, SEOUL, 121-848 KOREA
   Tel: +82-2-324-4114                Fax: +82-2-855-0999
   E-mail: ibe001@ibedu.or.kr         www.ibedu.or.kr

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